Flower Meanings and Flower Essences

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In the language of flowers, each blossom has a unique meaning. You can send a bouquet rich with messages and sentiments by choosing your flowers carefully.

Similarly, each flower can be distilled into an essence. This essence contains the vibrational energy of the flower (think molecular movements), and each flower essence can help you “vibe” into or out of certain emotional states.

Here is a brief overview of some of our favorite flowers, along with their meaning in the language of flowers, and the indications for each flower essence.

Azalea Flower Meaning & Essence

Azaleas are brightly colored, shade tolerant flowers that often bloom for weeks at a time.

Azaleas are highly toxic, containing neurotoxins in the leaves and nectar. In parts of Turkey, bees are intentionally fed nectar from azaleas and other rhododendron plants, resulting in so-called “mad honey” that can be mind-altering and potentially lethal due to its full body paralytic effects that can hinder breathing.

Azalea Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, azaleas represent self-care, temperance, and fragile passion.

Azalea Flower Essence

The flower essence from azaleas are indicated for low self-esteem, self-down, and a lack of self-love.

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning & Essence

Chrysanthemums are gorgeous flowers that bloom in the fall, bringing a stunning array of colors to the autumn palate – red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white and bronze! But like many other flowers, chrysanthemums have deeper layers of meaning!

Many parts of this plant are used medicinally or in the kitchen, in teas, tinctures, or salads.

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, a red chrysanthemum means “I love you!”. A white mum means “truth”, and a yellow flower indicates “slighted love”

Chrysanthemum Flower Essence

In flower essence form, the chrysanthemum is said to help bring the light in when all else feels dark.

Coreopsis Flower Meaning & Essence

The coreopsis flower blooms from spring to fall, all summer long. Coreopsis has seeds that look like little bugs, and the beautiful name for this beautiful flower comes from the Greek words “koris” which means bedbug, and “opis”, which means resembling. 

Coreopsis Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, coreopsis means “always cheerful”.

Coreopsis Flower Essence

The flower essence from coreopsis brings happiness and comfort, as if the rays of the sun have lifted you in a warm embrace.

Dandelion Meaning & Essence

Dandelions are those small yellow flowers that children love and gardeners sometimes hate. They fluff up into fluffy white seed balls that just beg you to make a wish and blow them into the wind.

All parts of the dandelion plant are used in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. The leaves are nutritious, the flowers are edible, and the roots and leaves make liver-supportive teas and tinctures.

Dandelion Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, dandelions represent faithfulness and joy.

Dandelion Essence

The flower essence from dandelions are indicated for fatigue, poor stamina, disorganization, worry, and feeling scattered.

Iris Flower Meaning & Essence

Iris are tall flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. Named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the sunshine-loving Iris comes in many different colors.

The rhizome, or root, of the iris plant is aged and used for perfumes, flavorings, and some medicines.

Iris Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, irises represent faith, courage, hope, wisdom, and admiration.

Iris Flower Essence

The flower essence from the iris flower inspires artistry and soulful creativity. It is indicated for those lacking inspiration or creativity, and feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world.

Orange Blossom Flower Meaning & Essence

Orange blossoms are the small, fragrant white flowers that appear on the orange tree prior to fruiting.

The beautiful blooms are used in perfumes, in the kitchen, and medicinally in teas and tinctures to address anxiety and insomnia and digestive complaints.

Orange Blossom Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, the orange blossom meaning is innocence, eternal love, marriage, and fruitfulness.

Orange Blossom Essence

The flower essence from the orange blossom soothes stress and calms a busy mind. It fosters deep peace and relaxation.

Language of Flowers References and Tools

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the Language of Flowers
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Birthday Flowers

Just like each month has a birth stone, each month has a representative flower. January is the Carnation, February is the Violet, March is the Daffodil, April is the Daisy, May is the Lily of the Valley, June is the Rose, July is the Larkspur,, August is the Gladiolus, September is the Aster, October is the Marigold, November is the Chrysanthemum, and December is the Narcissus flower. Beautiful!

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Birth Flower
Birth Month Flowers

Flower Essences References and Tools


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Flower Essences

This is a complete boxed set of genuine Bach flower remedies, traditionally made according to the research of Dr. Edward Bach. These Flower Essences have been used for over 80 years to help gently address transient emotional problems using natural tools. This kit contains the 38 Flower Essences of Dr. Bach, plus two blends.